Learning at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard...

Educational & School VisitsOur learning venues; The NEW Mary Rose Museum, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior 1860, National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth and Action Stations offer a fantastic range of education visits for groups at all levels from Foundation Stage through to Post 16. We provide experiences that can't be created in a classroom and bring learning to life.

All visits are designed to maximise pupils' learning experiences and depending on your learning outcomes, time and budget you have available there are a range of options to suit your needs.

Workshop visits
We offer a great variety of cross-curricular workshops involving pupils in practical hands-on activities which are led by members of our Learning teams.

NEW FOR 2014 Brand new workshops at the National Museum Royal Navy Portsmouth for the gallery Hear My Story, view more information here.

For details of the workshops on offer at each of the attractions please click on the links below...

• HMS Warrior 1860 KS1 & 2

• HMS Warrior 1860 KS3 & 4

• Mary Rose Museum KS1 & 2

• Mary Rose Museum KS3 & 4

• Action Stations KS1 & 2

• Action Stations KS3 & 4

• National Museum Royal Navy Portsmouth and HMS Victory KS1 & 2

• National Museum Royal Navy Portsmouth and HMS Victory KS3 & 4

Discovery visits
Lead your group on a self-guided visit to one or a combination of our venues. Trails, activity sheets and resources to assist with pre and post visit studies and guide your visit are available to download here. Click here to see discovery visit prices.