See our famous three

Great days out whatever the weather

Wonder no more. Winter has arrived and we’re ready to embrace it. The winter months provide the perfect opportunity to rediscover your favourite ships as you take your time to explore. As the light changes and evenings are darker, wrap up warm and venture down to the Historic Dockyard during our quieter times. 


Top 10 winter wonders you need to experience

Embrace your adventurous side and explore our top 10 winter wonders. Make the most of this festive time of year and see the dockyard during the quieter times. Explore limited-time exhibitions, climb onboard historic ships and more. 


See Portsmouth Harbour from above

Get a birds eye view of Portsmouth Harbour and the surrounding area from the Mizzen Mast of HMS Warrior. Our brand new Warrior webcam captures the very best areas in real time around the Harbour including Portsmouth Naval Base, Spinnaker Tower and more.


HMS Queen Elizabeth returns to Portsmouth

View HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK's largest aircraft carrier from three distinct vantage points this season alongside Portsmouth Naval Base.  

With your camera in hand, capture the scale and raw beauty behind Britain's newest ship, as you get out on the water with a Harbour Tour, visit the poop deck of HMS Victory or stand on the viewing platform of The National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth.