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Discover Portsmouth from up above

From the mizzen mast of HMS Warrior comes a brand new high definition webcam that streams stunning views of Portsmouth Harbour and Gosport. After a short hiatus, the Warrior webcam makes a welcome return as you spy Royal Navy ships across the Camber and inside Portsmouth Naval Base. 

The Warrior camera pans between 7am and 5pm daily in all weathers taking in the surrounding area in high fidelity. 

Warrior webcam views

Warrior camera views change every 30 seconds and pan between 7am and 5pm. Outside of those times it will just sit and show Portsmouth ferries view. See what views are available to watch.

Harbour ferries

The harbour is used by a variety of ferry companies who call the area their home. Ferry operators include Wightlink, Gosport Ferries, Solent and Wightline Ferries and more all operate in one of the busiest shipping gateways in the UK. 

Spinnaker Tower

One of Portsmouth’s tallest landmarks stands watch over Portsmouth Harbour as the Warrior webcam captures the striking tower. Spinnaker Tower offers unrivalled views over Portsmouth, the Solent and surround area.

Gosport Ferry

The cross-harbour service operates daily between Portsmouth and Gosport offering a quick and efficient service between the two locations.

Semaphore Tower

Semaphore Tower is one of the more instantly recognisable buildings in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and is today home for the Queens Harbour Master who controls the movement of all large vessels around the harbour.

The Time Is Now

Don't believe we're recording live? The time is now shows you the time of Semaphore Tower between the hours of 9am and 5pm. 

Portsmouth Ferries

The area is used by a variety of ferry companies who call the area their home. Travel providers including Wightlink, Gosport Ferries, Solent and Wightline and more all operate in the harbour as one of the busiest maritime gateways.

South Railway Jetty

The jetty was originally constructed in the 1860s to enable Queen Victoria and family to easily move from train to ship. Today it is more frequently used as a stop for Royal Navy warships and visiting ships from foreign navies.

Portchester Castle

Founded in the late 11th century, you can now spot Portchester Castle from the HMS Warrior webcam. The medieval castle was built within a former Roman fort to the east of Fareham. It is located at the northern end of Portsmouth Harbour.

Portsmouth Naval Base

Portsmouth Naval Base is the UK's largest, home to HMS Queen Elizabeth and other Royal Navy warships that come and go throughout the year. See what's alongside as you try and spot Britain's largest aircraft carrier in stunning detail. 

Harbour Entrance

Watch one of the Solent's busiest harbour entrances as the traffic enters Portsmouth Harbour. See if you can spot Royal Navy ships as well as passenger ferries on the go. 

HMS Queen Elizabeth

When HMS Queen Elizabeth is alongside her homeport of Portsmouth Naval Base, you'll be able to see the scale of the UK's largest aircraft carrier at your leisure. 

HMS Victory

As one of the most popular Portsmouth webcams, HMS Victory sits proud in her dry dock at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. A glimpse of Lord Nelson’s flagship can be seen alongside the Mary Rose Museum.


Installing the new Warrior webcam

The return of the Warrior webcam was met with much joy from eager viewers as our new rigging team installed the camera up the Mizzen Mast. Read more from the team and the challenges involved. 


See Queen Victoria's favourite ship

Visit the ship that the camera calls home as you discover Victorian igenuity and technology behind this famous attraction. 


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Experience HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and HMS Alliance on your day out - all you need is a ticket to adventure. 

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