Longer days call for adventure

As the days become longer and warmer, take time to explore historic ships and rediscover your sense of adventure. This season offers you the chance to visit must-see attractions with family or take in the surroundings together as you spend it among your favourite attractions. 

Brand new exhibitions opening Saturday 6 April


Horrible Histories Pirates: The Exhibition

Get ready for a swashbuckling adventure like no other just in time for Easter. Horrible Histories Pirates opens on 6 April for all you landlubbers out there. Follow a bossy pirate parrot and his ratty shipmate on a hilarious journey as you discover wicked weapons, terrible tactics and prisoner punishment used by legendary pirates. 


Jolly Roger: A Symbol of Terror and Pride

Tales of piracy are brought to the fore in The National Museum of the Royal Navy's newest exhibition, Jolly Roger: A Symbol of Terror and Pride. The new exhibition tells the story of the skull and crossbones flag, commonly known as the Jolly Roger, which has been associated with pirates for centuries.


6 events your friends will envy

Treat mum to a legendary experience onboard historic ships and inside our museums. Enjoy dinner onboard HMS Victory or a cocktail night at Explosion Museum. Take a look at our article ‘6 events your friends will envy for great gift ideas.