Hands on HMS Victory!

Hands on HMS Victory!  KS1


Location: Upper Gun Deck HMS Victory

From sailors to surgeons to marines and midshipmen uncover the lives of the real men who lived, worked and fought on HMS Victory. This hands-on investigative session will use ‘Discovery chests’ to help pupils learn more about the crew, revealing for the first time their names, what they did and how they lived on-board the ship. It is excellent for developing investigative and enquiry skills culminating with pupils presenting their findings to the ‘ships company’

Price: Discovery visit £4.50 per pupil + £50 per one hour workshop for up to 25 people

IMPORTANT information for teachers

  • Due to the continuing restoration work on HMS Victory school workshops have relocated to the Upper Gun Deck.
  • Maximum numbers  up to 25 people
  • Upper Gun Deck is not accessible for people with limited mobility. An alternative accessible workshop is available in the Learning Centre, Victory Gallery.

More information available by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.