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"By 2022 we are committed to delivering a world class Royal Marines Museum which appropriately recognises the heroism and sacrifice of this elite service." Professor Dominic Tweddle, Director General, National Museum of the Royal Navy.


Project update from SeaMore

We have heard from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) that we have been unsuccessful in our bid for a new Royal Marines Museum.

The Heritage Lottery Fund has been an amazing supporter of our work across the country and particularly in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. We are very disappointed that our lottery funding bid has been unsuccessful and it is a blow. But we understand that the funding landscape for HLF projects has changed. The HLF needed to make some very hard decisions and sadly we have suffered for this.

All of the bleak reasons why the museum had to move from Eastney are unchanged. It is in the wrong place, the building is unadaptable, it leaks and is in poor condition whilst the collection is in danger of being damaged.

We are committed to opening a new Royal Marines Museum, and work is now underway. We have already raised £3m independently for the whole project. The sale of Eastney will raise a further £2m and the trustees have committed all of this money to opening the new museum. We must raise a further £5m. This will take time. We had planned to open in April 2020. This will inevitably be delayed, probably for at least two years but it is too early to say for certain, when funding is secured we will proceed as quickly as possible.

Now is the time for us all to work together and support the need for the Royal Marines to have a museum that is worthy of its 354-year and unique history that recalls the sacrifice and service of the countless thousands of Royal Marines who have supported the nation through the darkest times.

The message is simple; we have £5m and need £5m more to open the new museum.

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