Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower

Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower will be closed from December 19, 2020, in accordance with the latest government Covid-19 guidelines. We hope to welcome you back in the New Year.


The story of naval warfare is told in dramatic style at Explosion, an interactive museum housed in the Royal Navy’s former Ordnance Depot at Priddy’s Hard, centred around the powder magazine designed in 1771.

About Explosion Museum

Priddy’s Hard was far enough from the main dockyard for the safe storage of up to 6,500 barrels of gunpowder. In the Napoleonic Wars, this was where all Royal Navy warships including HMS Victory came to load up their guns and ammunition, collecting them from small boats called ‘powder hoys’ which had in turn collected barrels of gunpowder carried in barrows down the Rolling Way to the harbour edge.

The site has adapted as times have changed. With the introduction of breech loading guns in the late 1850s, it was no longer necessary to make barrels or test gunpowder here and a series of large magazines were built to fill and store shells. In the 1880s, the substitution of highly explosive cordite for gunpowder as a propellant required the building of a narrow gauge railway to transport ordnance between filling and storage buildings. Change continued through the 20th century with the development of torpedoes, depth charges and small arms up to the arrival of guided missiles in the 1960s. The last time Priddy’s Hard supplied weapons to the Royal Navy was during the Falklands War in 1982.


Explosion Museum of Naval Power will be open every weekend (Saturday & Sunday) from 29 August 2020. First entry is at 10.00 am and the museum will close at 4.30 pm. Booking your day/time slot is essential.  

Getting to Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower

Heritage Way, Priddy's Hard, Gosport PO12 4LE
Access via the Waterbus from the Historic Dockyard is temporarily closed due to government social distancing guidelines.

Camber Lights Café
Open to everyone

Enjoy one of Gosport's best kept secrets when you visit Camber Lights Café at Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower. Sit back and admire the scenic surroundings of Portsmouth Harbour - an ideal viewpoint for seeing HMS Queen Elizabeth when she's alongside Portsmouth Naval Base. 

The café serves a range of cold and hot drinks, cakes and snacks - perfect for hungry adventurers. The café is open to non-museum visitors as well. Open from 10 am until 4 pm daily.  


Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is temporarily not accepting walk up ticket purchases, so make sure you buy your ticket and book your time slot in advance!


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Please note that a visit to the Submarine Museum or Explosion Museum of Naval Power will need to be booked separately from a visit to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.


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