Take on the UK's number 1 laser tag brand inside Action Stations as you battle it out for ultimate supremacy in this exhilarating and interactive experience for players aged 6 and above. Built over 2 floors, you'll be thrown into a hijacked shipping container as you fight it out in a pirate stronghold. Laser Quest offers a challenge for even the most seasoned players, as you come face-to-face with dynamic lighting effects, billowing smoke and heart pounding music - making this a laser tag game you'll never forget.  

Laser Quest at Actions Stations is available for groups and birthday parties with a minimum of 6 players – pre-booking is essential. Book your timeslots here.


When looking for a game of laser tag, don’t forget Laser Quest Portsmouth at Action Stations for the ultimate adrenaline fuelled shoot out. Target team mates and hide behind barriers as you battle it out inside our laser tag experience.


Set in a pirate stronghold and hijacked container ship, groups will work together to defeat the opposite team through billowing smoke effects and an exhilarating atmosphere. Based on our action movie, Command Approved, each session will transport those who dare to a deserted pirate base – the perfect backdrop for your laser tag game.


Each session will last 20 minutes including a personal briefing from your experienced Laser Quest marshal.

Points are awarded every time you ‘shoot’ another player, with points deducted every time you are ’shot’. You will be equipped with a Laser Quest Pack and Gun that has flashing targets located on the front, back, shoulders and on the sides and front of the Gun. 
When you shoot the Gun, a laser beam is projected towards your target and when you are shot, your pack is deactivated for up to 4 seconds.  

When the siren sounds, it’s the end of the game -, scores are displayed on our plasma score screen, with each player receiving an individual scorecard that has a breakdown of the score. Ready for your next game? We recommend a 15 break in-between for a quick drink and to catch your breath!  

Want to book your next Laser Quest game? Book your session here.


Laser Quest can be booked in 20 minute slots for up to 22 players per game. Here's our Laser Quest price table for Action Stations. 

Laser Quest package Price   
1 game


2 games £12.00    
3 games £15.00    
1 hour exclusive hire £390.00 Exclusive - Laser Quest games for 1 hour for up to 40 guests. (up to 22 players per game)  
Birthday Party £16.00 per person 

Includes two 20 minute games of Laser Quest, unlimited blackcurrant or orange squash, scorecard and a party bag for each child. You are welcome to bring your own party food but we are unable to store food on your behalf.

Exclusive use of the party area for one hour after the games. We can also provide a cake knife and napkins for birthday cake. Minimum 6 players.

Birthday Party with Pizza £19.50 each per attendee

Includes two 20 minute games of Laser Quest, unlimited blackcurrant or orange squash, pizza, scorecard and a party bag for each child.

Exclusive use of the party area for one hour after the games. We can also provide a cake knife and napkins for birthday cake. Minimum 6 players.

Pizza choices (Each pizza serves 2)

  • Margherita (vegetarian)
  • Mushroom, mixed peppers, red onion and tomato (vegetarian)
  • Pepperoni
  • Ham and Pineapple
  • Ham and Mushroom

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9 Things you Need to Know

Minimum of 6 people per game

Maximum capacity is 22 players per game. Players must be  over 6 years old and above 1.1m in height 
Players must arrive at main public entrance to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard at least 15 minutes before their game is due to start to be picked up by their Laser Quest Marshal

The arena has been designed to enable wheelchair access throughout the ground floor level 

Laser Quest is a physical activity, players with medical conditions should assess their own suitability 

Whilst every effort is made to maintain the maximum number of working packs there may be occasions where this is not possible 

No running, kneeling, lying down or climbing 

No physical contact with other players 

Players must wear flat or low heeled footwear, no open toed shoes or flip flops 


Laser Quest uses the latest in LED technology to pin-point accurately targets from afar in fast-paced laser tag games. On average, each laser tag session lasts 20 minutes, with light weight rechargeable packs built for uninterrupted game play. 

Originally formed in 1988, Laser Quest is the world’s most well-known laser tag company bring enjoyment to rival teams for 30 years. Action Stations has worked closely with the team to create a fun and energetic environment – perfect for intense and high octane days out with friends in Portsmouth. 


Terms and Conditions 

Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard considers the safety of its visitors to be of the utmost importance and endeavours to ensure that the high standards set by the company are complied with by everyone who visits the site. Only visitors who are willing to comply with the Terms and Conditions as set out below will be allowed entry to the site. 

Online Bookings 

1.1      The following terms apply if the User uses a credit/debit card to secure a booking through the Web Site. 

1.2      Game slots & packages are sold by Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard at standard prices. By placing a booking through the Web Site, the User is placing a booking request on the Terms that is only deemed accepted by and binding on Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard once it has processed valid payment and sent the User email confirmation of the User's booking. 

1.4      The email confirmation of a booking will set out the details of the games/package booked and the total amounts paid to Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Once this confirmation has been sent, the booking deposit is non-refundable. Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard are not responsible in the event that the User selects the wrong games/package when booking online via the Web Site. 

1.5      Where an outstanding balance remains on the booking, this outstanding balance will be payable either in advance of the booking in the case of parties or on the day of the booking at the latest. Details of when we will collect the final payment will be set out in more detail in the email confirmation of the User’s booking. 

1.6      To make any payment by credit/debit card, the User must provide the cardholder's name, address and email address, the card number, the card security code, the card expiry date and (where applicable) the card start date and/or issue number. 

1.7      Transactions will appear on the cardholder's bank or card statement. 

1.8      Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard will endeavour to operate its games in accordance with its advertised times. However, there will be instances when its ability to run a game is impaired by circumstances beyond its control. In such situations, Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard reserves the right to cancel a game, vary the time it runs a game or provide customers with an alternative game time. If Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard does have to cancel a game, Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard shall only refund the admission price for that game or a proportion equal to the game time lost along with any handling fee paid for the relevant booking, and no other costs. 

Refund and Cancellation Policy 

2.1      The Company can be contacted at: 

Trading Address: National Museum of the Royal Navy HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, PO1 3NH 

Registered Address National Museum of the Royal Navy, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, PO1 3NH 

Registered in England & Wales Company No. 01261270 

Telephone: 02392 891370, E-mail: 

2.2     Please note that for any advanced bookings you will be charged a non refundabledeposit. The deposit amount may be up to 100 percent of the total cost of the booking including any extras. 

2.3     Should you bring less players on the day than you have booked for we reserve the right to charge you up to the total game cost per person not in attendance. 

2.4     Customers may change or move their booking once up to 2 weeks prior to their booking subject to availability. Any further changes may be subject to an additional fee. 

2.5      The Company reserves the right to transfer bookings to another date at any time. 

2.6     All bookings are non refundable. Should you need to cancel your booking you will lose your deposit. In unfortunate circumstances the management reserves the right to refund deposits. 

2.7     A complimentary game voucher may be offered at the discretion of the Manager 

Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Entry Policy 

3.1      Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard staff members are present to ensure the correct use of the Laser Quest equipment, and to implement the centre rules. 

3.2      We advise flat shoes with a sole that grips. 

3.3      Lost button cell key-tags will be charged for at £5 each 

3.4      No alcohol, food or soft drink may be brought into Laser Quest. 

3.5      No food or beverages may be taken in or consumed in the kit up area or the arena. 

3.6      Due to the size of the Laserquest equipment and the nature of the game, it is deemed impractical for children under the age of 6. 

3.7      At all times children are the responsibility of the supervising adult. Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard does not provide services of supervision to children using the centre. Supervising adult(s) must remain in the building at all times. 

3.8      Disruptive, antisocial or violent behaviour by a customer or group of customers directed toward other customers or staff members will result in the offending customer or group of customers being required to leave the premises immediately without any entitlement to a refund. What constitutes disruptive, antisocial or violent behaviour shall be determined at the sole discretion of the Manager and includes both physical and verbal abuse. Any such occasion will be reported to the police. 

3.9      Anyone deemed to be under the influence of illegal substances will be refused entry to the centre. Persons who have consumed intoxicating beverages may be refused entry based on their state. 

3.10   Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged possessions. 

3.11   All players participate at their own risk. Laser Quest at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard does not accept liability for loss or injury of whatever nature, caused through misuses of the equipment or lack or parental supervision or failure to comply with the Arena Rules. 

3.12    Laser Quest is played in a dark, smoky and unfamiliar environment, if you are unsure about whether this is suitable or not please discuss your concerns with a member of staff. 

3.13   Players must arrive at least 15 minutes before their first game. Games may be on occasion delayed; late arrivals may miss their game in which case no refund will be offered. 

3.14   General public games are open to players of all ages and abilities. 

3.15   The maximum number of packs available is subject to change. Whilst every effort is made to maintain the maximum number of packs there may be occasions when this is not possible. 

3.16   Please notify changes in group size for any party booking 24 hours before your booking. Should you bring less players on the day than you have booked for we reserve the right to charge the full amount for the absent players. 

3.17   The company reserves the right to alter times, attractions and prices without notification. 

3.18   The company reserves all rights to admission. 

3.19   Terms and conditions are subject to change. Please check before participating. 

Arena Rules 

4.1      NO RUNNING. 







Game sessions 

5.1     Game sessions are 20 minutes and include kit up time. 

5.2     Playing time is approximately 15 minutes but may vary depending on the time taken to kit up the players. 

5.3     Game sessions may be delayed. 

5.4     Late arrivals may miss their games, in which case no refund will be given. 

5.5     General public games are open to players of all ages and abilities. 


6.1     All players participate in Laser Quest at their own risk. 

6.2     Whilst every effort is made to maintain 22 operational packs there may be occasions when this is not possible. 

6.3     All laser packs use class 1 equivalent lasers. 

6.4      Laser Quest is played in a dark, unfamiliar environment with theatrical stage fog. If you are unsure about whether this is suitable or not please discuss your concerns with a member of staff. 

6.5     Scorecards, food and merchandise are subject to availability. 

6.6     From time to time the Company or other authorised parties carry out photography and/or video recording at the venue, which may feature visitors. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree that the Company or any authorised party may use such images in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format whatsoever. You further agree that copyright in these materials rests with the Company or such authorised party (as the case may be). 

6.7     The Company does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged possessions. 

6.8     The Company does not accept liability for loss or injury of whatever nature, caused through misuses of the equipment or lack of parental supervision or failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions. 

6.9     The company reserves the right to alter times, attractions and prices without notification. 

6.10   Right of admission reserved. 

6.11   Terms & Conditions are subject to change; please check before arrival. 

Refund and Cancellation Policy 

7.1      Please note that for any advanced bookings you will be charged a non refundable deposit.  

7.2      Should you need to cancel the booking then you will lose your deposit. 

7.3      Should you need to move your booking then it is at the sole discretion of the management as to whether they will allow this. In the event that this is not possible then you will have deemed to have cancelled the booking and will lose your deposit. 

7.4      In extreme circumstances the management reserve the right to refund your deposit. 

7.5      The company can be contacted at: HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, PO1 3NH. Telephone: 02392 891370, E-mail: 

Health Advice 

8.1     Any person with a medical condition should consider that Laser Quest is a game that requires significant physical exertion. 

8.2     Laser Quest is not suitable for anyone wearing a Pace-Maker or similar device. 

8.3     Asthmatics and epileptics must advise a member of staff prior to their game. Asthmatics are advised to bring their inhaler. The arena contains flashing lights in the form of rotating beacon & semi-strobe lighting. 


Page Updated: July 2021


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