HMS Victory is the Royal Navy's most famous warship. Best known for her role in the Battle of Trafalgar, the Victory currently has a dual role as the Flagship of the First Sea Lord and as a living museum to the Georgian Navy. The visitor experience onboard HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard as Nelson’s famous flagship from the Battle of Trafalgar is now brought alive with a hand-held audio guide.


There have been many celebrated warships in Britain’s naval history but HMS Victory can justifiably claim to be the most famous of them all. Having served as Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, she has become one of the UK’s most-loved visitor attractions.

When you visit HMS Victory, you'll see the spot where Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson fell with an engraved plaque marking the spot. Occasionally, Captain Hardy may be in his cabin, greeting visitors with tales from his adventures at sea. Ask him questions and find out what life was like on-board.


Visitors are now also able to experience the NEW: HMS Victory Under Hull Walkway. This will enable them to descend into the base of the dry dock and view the 3600 tonne ship from below. This is a first for her in dry dock and is a must do on your visit


Visit the new Victory gallery which has been completely refitted and now tells Victory's story beyond her immortalised role at the Battle of Trafalgar. Through a mixture of large format cinematic film, interactives, newly displayed and previously unseen artefacts including a shot-damaged section of original Victory mast from the Battle of Trafalgar and a spectacular ten-foot-tall, 200-year-old figurehead, it charts her decline and rescue in the 1920s by the Society of Nautical Research (SNR) and the dramatic events when she could have been permanently lost to the nation.  It also introduces visitors to the people, both famous and not so famous, behind the ship’s 256-year history and adds to her rich story with new snippets of information for even the most ardent Victory fans.

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Please note that a visit to the Submarine and Explosion Museums will need to be booked separately from a visit to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

HMS Victory will be undergoing major new conservation work which starts Wednesday 24 May 2022. There will be temporary scaffolding while this work is done and this is due to complete in time for the busy summer holiday period. The ship will remain open to visitors but access may be restricted for limited periods. Visitors are advised to keep up to date with the website and @NatMuseumRN

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Please note that a visit to the Submarine and Explosion Museums will need to be booked separately from a visit to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.


Get under the skin of HMS Victory in our latest visitor experience Victory Live: The Big Repair. Learn about the once-in-a-lifetime project to fight the impact of moisture, fungus and pests that threaten her; meet the incredible teams fighting to protect her and see her like never before by climbing aboard the scaffold that encases her in this unique and groundbreaking experience.

Included as part of your HMS Victory ticket, you will be allowed access to the scaffold surrounding the ship, getting up close to painstaking work taking place to preserve her and you will also meet some of the incredible teams of craftsmen, conservators, engineers and shipwrights who seek to protect her for the next 50 years. A family trail is also available for young explorers keen to understand the scale and spectacle of the project.

Please be aware that access to the scaffold may be limited due to operational circumstances, where possible we will inform visitors ahead of their visit. The scaffold is accessible via a lift for those with mobility issues.