Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Architectural Competition winner announced

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Architectural Competition winner announced

02 July 2015

On behalf of all stakeholders operating within the Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust is pleased to announce Latz & Partner as the winner of its Architectural Competition for the Hard Landscaping of this internationally renowned historic site.


The practice was chosen from a final short-list of three by a jury which included Eric Parry of Eric Parry Architects, who organised the competition, Vivien Lovell of Modus Operandi Art Consultants, together with representatives of the Arts Council, Historic England, the local planning authority and the Trusts operating within the Dockyard.

The other two short- listed practices were Caruso St John and DSDHA, both of whose work was also highly regarded by the jury as exciting, innovative and thought-provoking.

The final submissions of all three practices are now on display in a public exhibition in Boathouse 5, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Tilman Latz, Director of Latz & Partner, said: ‘This is great news! We enjoyed putting together our submission for such an historically important site and are delighted to have won the competition.’

Working with Andrew Motion, former UK Poet Laureate, Latz & Partner introduced a further dimension to their design proposals with the placing of words and sentences in the landscape, accompanied by sounds. The practice is in the vanguard of ‘green’ design in Germany, and has produced relevant work at Bremerhaven Old Harbour.

On behalf of Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust, Peter Goodship said: ‘The international architectural competition has demonstrated what levels of design excellence can be achieved in the Historic Dockyard, and we are looking forward to exploring this further with Latz & Partner.

Meanwhile, we hope visitors to the Historic Dockyard and members of the local community will come and see the exhibition of the work of all three short listed practices and that it will inspire them to make their own comments and suggestions.’

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