Introducing Horrible Histories® Pirates: The Exhibition

01 February 2019

Set sail for the seven seas and visit Horrible Histories Pirates: The Exhibition this April

Set sail for the seven seas and visit Horrible Histories Pirates: The Exhibition this April

In April 2019 Horrible Histories® Pirates opened at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard unveiling a new UK-first blockbuster family exhibition that tells the history of piracy and their interactions with the navy.

‘Horrible Histories® Pirates’, based on the best-selling series by Terry Deary and illustrator Martin Brown, is an internationally-acclaimed exhibition now open to give youngsters an action-packed insight into the mysterious and murky world of pirates across the ages.

As fans of the books and TV series will expect, ‘Horrible Histories® Pirates’ takes a funny and foul look into pirate history, complete with parrots, cutlasses and all the gore and more. Throughout the hands-on exhibition there will be opportunities to design pirate flags, visit a raucous pirates’ tavern, take out enemies with cannon fire and command a pirate ship on the high seas. Young scallywags can also learn the rules of the ‘pirates’ code’, delve into the often gruesome history of pirate ships and their infamous commanders (both male and female) and they'll have to practise talking like a pirate too or risk a trip to Davey Jones' Locker.

The exhibition was developed in association with Scholastic UK and shipped to Portsmouth across the seven seas, all the way from the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. The unique work of Terry and Martin comes alive in this fun-packed exhibition which has already proved to be a hit with antipodean audiences and has been popular with visitors of all ages to Portsmouth this year.

Terry Deary, author of Horrible Histories, says: “A Horrible Pirate experience, all the way from Aaarrrghstralia to Portsmouth, and aye can’t wait to sea it. So get your Long Johns ready. You’ll be hooked.”

Get ready for pirate adventures 

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