A new permanent exhibition launches at Royal Navy Submarine Museum

A new permanent exhibition launches at Royal Navy Submarine Museum

08 June 2018

A brand new permanant exhibition will open at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport on 15 June to mark the anniversary of the first operational patrol of HMS Resolution.

Silent & Secret will explore the history of the British nuclear at-sea deterrent and reveal the challenging nature of working in these submarines. The exhibition will highlight the experiences of those men who served and will help promote discussion about why the nuclear deterrent was adopted.


Families were able to send a family telegram to their loved ones - forty word messages summarising family news - every ten days.

Life under the sea poses challenges that go unseen and unheard. The exhibition will present an insight into life on board the "Silent & Secret" Polaris submarines, using personal accounts and key displays drawn from a number of National Museum of the Royal Navy sites, private lenders and other museums. Visitors will be able to hear stories and see documents and personal possessions of those who served in the Polaris submarine fleet.

Professor Dominic Tweddle, Director General of The National Museum of the Royal Navy which owns the Royal Navy Submarine Museum says: “As well as acknowledging the role of the deterrent within the Royal Navy, it is important that the exhibition reflects the current debate on the renewal of Trident missiles. We envisage that this will be told through several viewpoints, including concerns on the moral and ethical issues. The museum will not tell the visitor what to think, but will leave them to form their own opinion.”

There will be opportunities to meet veteran submariners from the Polaris missions, as a number of former submariners volunteer as guides at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum showing visitors around the museum's most iconic exhibit - HMS Alliance, the only remaining British submarine from the World War Two era.

Entry to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum is included as part of an 11 Attraction Annual Pass which also includes entry to HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and a free waterbus linking the two sites across Portsmouth Harbour.

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