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Nelson's chelengk

Vice Admiral Lord Nelson's famous diamond reborn

Nelson's chelengk returns on 22 November 2018 

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a piece of jewelled history arrives at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for a limited time only. Vice Admiral Lord Nelson's famous jewel, the chelengk, has been carefully reconstructed and is now on display for all to enjoy. The diamond was presented to Vice Admiral Lord Nelson by Sultan Selim III of Turkey after the Battle of the Nile in 1798.  

Jewel being made

See history remade at the Nelson Gallery 

Remade by highly skilled British goldsmiths in London, Nelson's famous jewel sits on a black felt cocked hat made to Nelson's exact measurements. Visitors can now marvel at this unique piece of jewelled history. 



Martyn Downe Bannerr

Nelson's Lost Jewel
An extraordinary story

Follow the colourful history of Nelson's chelengk in Martyn Downer's new book, Nelson's Lost Jewel. Whilst Nelson's favourite jewel was highly talked about, it was stolen in 1951 and lost forever. Downer's new book explores the jewel's journey from past to present.




Brought back to life after 80 years

The chelengk became a symbol of Nelson’s prowess, proudly worn on his hat like a turban jewel. However, when on display in 1951, the jewel was stolen and lost forever, never to be seen again.

Now, thanks to revelations made by author and historian Martyn Downer’s in his latest book ‘Nelson’s Lost Jewel’, which tells the extraordinary true story of the chelengk and unearths new found drawings of the original, a replica of the jewel has been accurately created for the first time.





Combining research and skill together

Nelson's chelengk has been artfully recreated by craftsmen from across the UK. Now on display at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the experts involved in the creation of Nelson's lost jewel speak about the steps taken to recreate this masterpiece.

Roger Stephenson, Deputy Chairman at Lock and Co Hatters takes us through the process of recreating Nelson's famous bicorn hat and the skill required to realise their vision. Martyn Downer, author of Nelson's Lost Jewel discusses his research and findings in his new book.




Creating a jewelled masterpiece

An eye for detail is a must when creating one of history's most spectacular jewelled masterpieces. Nelson's famous jewel was created by a team of master craftsman based in the UK, a skill which continues to amaze those who witness their expertise. 

Jewellery expert, Joanna Hardy talks about the cultural significance of Nelson's diamond and how it will inspire future generations to learn about artisan crafts. Master craftsman, Philip Denyer looks at the creation of Nelson's diamond and explains the design process in more detail.


See Nelson's jewel from 23 November

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