The Dockyard Apprentice

Step back in time and relive the efforts of those who worked at Portsmouth dockyard as an apprentice in the early 20th century.

Follow in the footsteps of a dockyard apprentice as you learn about boatbuilding techniques and heritage crafts inside Boathouse 7

200 years of history are retold through the eyes of workers who constructed the great dreadnought battleships of the 20th century. Take in the stories of those who built Britain's most feared fleet and the ingenuity behind traditional boatbuilding techniques.

Now see the most in-depth retelling of a dockyard apprentices story:

  1. Touch screen display: watch everyday life inside a naval dockyard unfold before you
  2. From bends to bowlines: have-a-go at traditional knot tying
  3. Lifelike models: see the environments in which boat builders worked
  4. View tools of the trade: handle traditional instruments

Now included as part of your annual ticket
Learn about traditional boatbuilding skills and heritage crafts inside The Dockyard Apprentice exhibition. Entry to the exhibition is now included as part of your attraction ticket.

Boatbuilding brought to life
From past to present, boatbuilding returns to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard inside Boathouse 4. The newest addition to the Historic Dockyard sees artisan crafts and skills from those who study it professionally on show for everyone to enjoy.

Take in the massive scale of the building, watch interactive displays and learn about the importance of preserving naval tradition and skills. 


Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is temporarily not accepting walk up ticket purchases, so make sure you buy your ticket and book your time slot in advance!