Make time to wow this summer

Your guide to the perfect summer adventure

Your time is precious – whether you spend it seeing as much as you can or going at a slower pace, making time to do what you love is at the top of your to do list. It’s not always easy but we’re here to help you make every moment count with our expert guide to summer.

Watch: Making memories together

Make memories with the one’s you love this summer at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Hold on to those unforgettable moments that mean the world to you or create new ones that you'll cherish forever. When you seek out wow, remember how your inner kid feels and share it with the ones you love. 

Visiting the dockyard is an experience where 300 years of naval history come together as you create your own story. Whether it's climbing onboard the legendary HMS Victory or discovering the Victorian marvel, HMS Warrior, make time to do what you love when you want. 

Visit Horrible Histories: Pirates this summer

Make time to wow

Take time to find those ‘little’ or ‘big’ wow moments. When you’re in the company of giant warships or exploring cool museums, every object and artefact comes to life with stories to tell.

Top travel tip #1

Want a 'wow moment?' Step onboard HMS Victory and wander the decks with haste as you'll not want to miss the spot where Nelson fell. A brass plaque marks it - a moment in time that's forever remembered. Listen to dramatised retellings from the Battle of Trafalgar through an audio tour. 

3 experiences you'll love

    1. Enjoy uninterrupted views from the poop deck of Victory
    2. Stand alongside giant guns used during battle
    3. Visit Captain Hardy's cabin that's been lovingly restored
Play for real onboard HMS Victory

Make time to seek

Find your sense of adventure and pursue your passion for naval heritage. Seek out what you love around every corner and follow in the footsteps of naval greats.

Top travel tip #2

Just like a missile - seek out what you like and discover the hidden history of the submarine service at The Royal Navy Submarine Museum. Covert operations, stealth tactics and deep-sea missions make Silent and Secret your go to exhibition for all things mysterious.

3 experiences you'll love

    1. Look through a working periscope 
    2. See tiny three man submarine X-23
    3. Touch a giant Chevron war head
Be more pirate this summer at Horrible Histories

Make time to pirate

Be more pirate-like and man your own ship when you visit. When you make time to play, learning is never far behind. Go all out and immerse yourself in pirate lore from across the centuries.

Top travel tip #3

Walk the plank at your peril inside Horrible Histories Pirates: The Exhibition. Your little landlubbers won't want to leave as they take control of giant air cannons and more. If stealth learning is your bag and an educational day out is in order then make this place the top of your list to visit. 

3 experiences you'll love

    1. Fire giant air cannons at each other 
    2. Have a go at squashing virtual rats 
    3. Wack a mole Horrible Histories style 
Make time to breathe

Make time to breathe

Chart your own course across Portsmouth Harbour as you make time to breathe in fresh sea air. Take time to relax as you hear quips about ships and humoured stories from history.

Top travel tip #4

Being mindful is a must whenever you want a break on the open water. A Harbour Tour is a family favourite, especially if you're an avid warship watcher. Take this 30 minute adventure as you enjoy a leisurely pace onboard Portsmouth's favourite attraction.

3 experiences you'll love

    1. Get up close to giant Royal Navy ships   
    2. Try and stump our Harbour Tour guides 
    3. See Explosion Museum from the water 
Make time to dream this summer

Make time to dream

Awaken your appetite for adventure as you step back in time. From smelling freshly lathed wood or imagining what life was like inside an engine room - there’s no shortage of sense-sational experiences.

Top travel tip #5

Reimagined as it was in 1863, HMS Warrior welcomes one and all to the Round-Britain Cruise. An opportunity for the Royal Navy to show UK tax payers what their money has been spent on.  New rooms are opened up and historic characters introduced as part of the new project.

3 experiences you'll love

    1. Have a go at signal flag waving    
    2. Try your hand at sword fighting  
    3. Meet historic characters from yesteryear 

Enjoy must-see moments together 

Immerse yourself in Royal Navy history as you visit incredible museums and legendary ships.  

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