Lord Nelson's Victory

Know your Nelson

Do you have what it takes to know Nelson? 

The Georgian navy ruled the waves for over a century becoming one of the most feared and respected in the world. Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson was part of that story, managing the fleet from his prized ship.

Now it's time to put your skill and knowledge to the test in our 'Know your Nelson' quiz as we move through his life, from birth to death. Will you be scrubbing the decks or enjoying a rum tot with the Vice-Admiral himself. Get your official result at the end and share with your friends.


Sailing Navy exhibition and HMS Victory figurehead

Experience Nelson's navy up close     

Rediscover your love of Nelson as we bring together a host of must-see artefacts and exhibitions that are fit for a lord. From the battle-scarred Trafalgar Sail to the Georgian navy inside our galleries, there's never been a better time to discover Lord Nelson and his career as Vice-Admiral of the fleet. 

See amazing highlights including an original 42lb gun from HMS Victory (1620), a collection of astounding art pieces and a life mask taken from the man himself.  

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Time to explore Nelson's story 

See Nelson's flagship up close and hear stories from his past in The National Museum of the Royal Navy with a Full Navy Ticket. 

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