Lord Nelson's Victory

Explore Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson's past

In pursuit of victory 

At just 5 ft 4 in, Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson ruled the waves for close to 25 years, making him an adversary worth taking seriously. His stature and prominence as one of England's greatest naval heroes still resonates with visitors today as his story is retold through our museums and ships. 

From the legendary HMS Victory to the battle-worn Trafalgar Sail, his mark on history can still be felt. Follow in the footsteps of Nelson himself as you travel across the Historic Dockyard this autumn. 

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Wyllie's painting

Explore William Wyllie and his famous artwork 

William Wyllie is one of the most celebrated panorama artists of all time, most notably for his work on The Panorama of The Battle of Trafalgar. After taking nine months to complete and working non-stop, his masterpiece was formally opened by King George V on 29 July 1930. Discover his story and what techniques he used to bring the legendary battle to life.

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Test your Nelson know how

Test your Nelson know-how 

Are you the ultimate Nelson know it all? Take our ‘Know your Nelson’ quiz and see if you would make Nelson’s crew. Do you know what ship he commanded the fleet from or famous artwork he features in? Our general knowledge quiz is set to test even the most ‘hardy’ shipmates. See how you rank and share with your friends.

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Discover rare cannon from HMS Victory 1744 wreck

Launched in 1737, HMS Victory was a 100-gun first rate ship that was built for naval warfare. Although she had a tendency to be pushed leeward (downwind), the ship provided a tough match when in battle. Her Royal Navy career ended abruptly when a storm wrecked through the ship and her precious cargo was lost for almost 300 years.

After 250 years on the bottom of the English Channel, West Dean College of Arts and Conservation were presented with a 3.3 tonnes bronze cannon and began conservation, a treatment that would take 10 years to finish.



Rediscover Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson's story 

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