Lord Nelson's Victory

Visit the home of HMS Queen Elizabeth

Find the perfect view of HMS Queen Elizabeth from two different vantage points across the historic dockyard from the poop deck of HMS Victory to a fantastic Harbour Tour. 


About HMS Queen Elizabeth

The £3billion aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth is one of the most advanced warships ever built by the Royal Navy and will be on operations for the next 50 years. The new Queen Elizabeth class carrier is 35 times the size of Nelson’s famous flagship HMS Victory and four times her length. 

Six UK shipyards were commissioned to build HMS Queen Elizabeth with 11,000 people involved in the construction process. The nation's newest flagship will proudly sit alongside in dock across from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. 


Find the perfect vantage point

Start your adventure at HMS Victory and climb the stairs to the historic poop deck. Take in the scale of Britain's largest aircraft carrier and take the ultimate photo for your collection from afar.

Afterwards, head out on the water on a Harbour Tour and get up close and personal. See the scale of this gigantic ship and marvel at the ingenuity behind her design. With your Full Navy Ticket in hand, get ready to view HMS Queen Elizabeth from two unique vantage points.


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The camera records live and moves between different points. From Portsmouth Naval Base to Spitbank Fort, get a closer look at what's happening in the harbour area. 

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How long is HMS Queen Elizabeth back for?

HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently alongside Portsmouth Naval Base at the moment. However, we're unable to provide exact times of when may leave as we're often told the same day. Times are always subject to change depending on tide times and weather conditions.


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