HMS Queen Elizabeth

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - The Home of HMS Queen Elizabeth

Get the best view of HMS Queen Elizabeth  

Find the perfect view of HMS Queen Elizabeth from three different vantage points across the historic dockyard from the poop deck of HMS Victory, the viewing platform at the National Museum of the Royal Navy and on a Harbour Tour. 

Amazing views from unique vantage points 

With your Full Navy Ticket in hand, get ready to view HMS Queen Elizabeth from three unique vantage points. For the perfect photo, start your adventure at HMS Victory and climb the stairs to the historic poop deck. Take in the scale of Britain's largest aircraft carrier alongside Portsmouth Naval Base as you set up your shot. 

Afterwards, visit the National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth. As you see the stories of those who served onboard historic ships, take a moment and visit the viewing platform. Capture HMS Queen Elizabeth from a different angle and contrast HMS Victory against the scale of this modern marvel. 

For a refreshing change of pace, head out on the water on a Harbour Tour and get up close and personal. See the scale of this gigantic ship and marvel at the ingenuity behind her design. 

About the new aircraft carrier
The £3billion aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth is one of the most advanced warships ever built by the Royal Navy and will be on operations for the next 50 years. The new Queen Elizabeth class carrier is 35 times the size of Nelson’s famous flagship HMS Victory and four times her length

Six UK shipyards were commissioned to build HMS Queen Elizabeth with 11,000 people involved in the construction process. The nation's newest flagship will proudly sit alongside in dock across from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. 

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HMS Queen Elizabeth FAQs

  • HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently alongside Portsmouth Naval Base. We don't get information on when she'll be leaving as we're often told the same day about her departure.

  • Visitors are able to view the aircraft carrier from three distinct viewing platforms across the Historic Dockyard. HMS Queen Elizabeth is an active vessel, operated by the Royal Navy. Because of this, visitors are unable to visit the aircraft carrier but are able to view it clearly from different viewing platforms only.