January Top Sail Sale

Start the new year with more adventure

Explore new frontiers together in 2019 with a Full Navy Ticket. Visit your favourite historic ships and museums all year round as you save on amazing days out. For a limited time only, get 50% off an annual pass from 12pm on Monday 7 January and redeem it in our visitor centre whenever you want.

Th' pirates are comin'!

Ahoy thar me hearty. Wit' new year, we 'ave a plan t' invade Portsmouth island soon. Hide th' sprogs, bury yer loot 'n board yer ship as we land in 2019.

Brin' yer family 'n discover hideous adventures 'n gross-out moments ye'll ne'er forget as we brin' t' life pirate tales fer all th' sprogs. Ye'll needs a ticket t' adventure though!


Save 50% on a Full Navy Ticket

A new year means a new adventure - so what better way to celebrate than with our fantastic offer. Save 50% on a Full Navy Ticket and explore amazing attractions all year long. Step onboard HMS Warrior, discover Boathouse 4 or experience the Trafalgar Sail. 


Redeem whenever you want

There's no time like the present but there's always next summer or next year. We might be running this special offer now but you can redeem your annual pass whenever you want. Your year starts when you redeem your ticket in our visitor centre - so take advantage of this amazing offer today!

When can I redeem the ticket?

Whilst the offer is only for a limited time, you can buy your Full Navy Ticket now and redeem it later on. Your Full Navy Ticket start date begins when you come into our Visitor Centre for the first time. It's as simple as that. The offer is online exclusive only and can not be purchased in our Visitor Centre.

What attractions are included as part of a Full Navy Ticket?
Does the Full Navy Ticket give me access to special events?
Does a Full Navy Ticket give me access to the Mary Rose?

Get 50% off a Full Navy Ticket in our January sale

See Royal Navy attractions for less in 2019 with our limited time offer   

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Terms and conditions

The January Top Sail Sale event gives 50% off a Full Navy Ticket from 12 pm on Monday 7 January. Tickets can not be transferred or refunded once purchased. The offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. We have the right to withdraw the offer at any time.