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Rediscover your sense of adventure inside the famous three

If you had one day to explore what you love, but had limited time to see everything, what would you pick? Would it be the most famous warship in the world; HMS Victory, Queen Victoria's favourite ship; HMS Warrior or Cold War submarine HMS Alliance? 

Explore our famous three this summer and discover how the Royal Navy ruled the waves for generations above and below water. 


HMS Victory

Hear stories from the Battle of Trafalgar as you listen to an interactive audio guide. 

As the guns are fired and explosions are heard in the distance, the first-hand accounts of men who served onboard are brought to life. Learn about the working conditions and the types of roles the crew had. 

Take in the scale of the ship, stand on the spot where Nelson fell and see his plaque - you can even view HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK's newest and largest aircraft carrier, alongside Portsmouth Naval Base.


HMS Warrior

Viewed as the jewel in the crown, HMS Warrior was a marvel of Victorian ingenuity during a time when ships were transitioning from wooden to iron-hulled. As you step onboard Warrior, you'll begin to get a feel of the scale of the ship. While her sets of guns are impressive, Warrior never fired in anger. 

Step back in time to 1863 and the Round-Britain Cruise as you meet our Dockyard Alive team roaming the ship in character. 

See history brought to life as you visit the captain's cabin or sit where sailors and immerse yourself in another time. 


HMS Alliance

Dive deep and experience Britian's only Cold War submarine, HMS Alliance which is accessible to all. Explore the cramped confines of how submariners lived under the sea for months at a time. 

Explore where the crew exchanged stories, look through a working periscope and see the size of their sleeping quarters - you won't believe it!

Learn about their covert operations and how often they would speak to friends and family while away on their missions.

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Discover our famous three with an any 1, any 2 or any 3 attraction ticket and come back all year round. Each ticket is valid for a whole year from the date you redeem it in our visitor centre. 

If you want access to other Royal Navy attractions on-site, buy a Full Navy Ticket and leave nothing undiscovered. You'll benefit from a discount of 20% off the gate price.

Entry includes access to: HMS Warrior, HMS Victory, Horrible Histories Pirates, Action Stations, National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth, HMS M.33, Harbour Tours, Waterbus, Boathouse 4, Dockyard Apprentice, Royal Navy Submarine Museum and Explosion Museum.

Entry to the Mary Rose Museum is not included in any attraction ticket through the Historic Dockyard website. 

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Full Navy Ticket  £39.00
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