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When: On 02 November 2019, 19:00 - 22:00
Location: HMS Warrior 1860
Categories: Special Events , Legendary Experiences


Strictly 18+ only

HMS Warrior, 1946, a scene of a murder most foul...

Darkness once again descends on the dockyard as guests travel back to 2 November 1946 as they try to solve a murder most foul. You're cordially invited to the wedding of Mr and Mrs Clarke onboard the resplendent HMS Warrior for an evening you will never forget...

Britain is at peace, the Second World War is over and people's lives begin to return to normality. For one couple, their wedding onboard Warrior soon descends into anarchy and death.

Those who served onboard the black battle fleet’s most famous ship are all too familiar with the curse. Some dismiss the old wives tale as wartime banter, but for some, the warnings have fallen on deaf ears as wedding guests prepare for the evenings proceedings.

Will you survive the night? 

'Museums After Dark Presents Murder on the High Seas' a brand new fully immersive murder mystery experience that unfolds before you. Start your evening outside Victory Gate, a historic entry point to the Historic Dockyard, one that has witnessed despicable acts and villains whom enter it. You'll be greeted by our team and handed an envelope with your invitation to join wedding guests onboard Warrior.

Sit alongside other wedding guests from the period as your experience onboard Warrior truly begins. Wine and dine with your fellow sleuths, familiarise yourself with suspicious agents and take note of your surroundings. 

Afterwards, you'll join other guests as the experience increases in intensity as something truly horrible happens. Will you brave the famous Warrior curse? Or, is foul play a foot? Our lovers certainly don’t believe in this old wives’ tale, but what will happen to them by the end of the night? Join us at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on 2 November for a wedding, a murder and shocking revelations. 

Evening schedule

    From 6.30pm Guests can start to arrive at Victory Gate - outside Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
    7pm Those who arrive early can enjoy a drink onboard HMS Warrior. Action begins at 7pm. 
    7.20pm Pick a plate and get a hot meal in preparation for your experience to begin. 
    8pm Guest will begin their murder mystery experience together in a group as they investigate specific areas of the ship.
    At the end of this part, guests will return to this part of the ship to examine their evidence. 
    9.30pm Teas, coffee and dessert is served to guests. 
    10.30pm  Action ends however the bar is open until 11pm 

The experience is only suitable for over 18s only. All tickets include food on the night. The event is on Saturday 2 November only. 

A deathly dining experience

Enjoy a delicious selection of warming foodstuffs before you begin your murder mystery experience. Choose from any of the options below as you're joined by our cryptic characters at your table.

  • Fish pie with potatoes, sweetcorn, peas, leeks and courgettes topped with cheesy crumble
  • Cheese lasagne layered with courgettes, aubergines and peppers (V) 
  • Beef bourguignonne served with root vegetable mash potato
  • Chicken curry served with rice pilaff and poppadoms

All dishes come served with a tossed salad and crusty bread with butter. For pudding, wedding guests will enjoy a chocolate wedding cake served with berries and cream. If you have specific dietary requirements, please send us your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Enjoy an evening onboard HMS Warrior

For an experience like no other onboard HMS Warrior, get your murder mystery night ticket now. We've released a limited run of tickets - so grab your friends for an evening you will not forget. +18 only. Tickets have now sold out. 

Museums After Dark Presents Murder on the High Seas