When: From 03 July 2019 until 31 December 2019, 13:18 - 15:18
Location: HMS Warrior 1860
Categories: Family Events , Summer

Can you use a cutlass like a Victorian sailor?

Imagine... you're faced with two options. Do you face the French with dignity? Or do you run and hide behind a gunpowder keg? We don't recommend the later but we do propose you enrol on cutlass training as part of your enrollment onboard HMS Warrior. 

Get your best dress ready, be comfortable and follow the board as you perfect your moves. Don't forget, each swing and forward thrust is designed to counter French attack - so try and try again until you've got it right. 

The cutlass drill onboard Warrior is part of a brand new re-imagining where her story is told through exciting activities and historic encounters. Follow our guidelines and become the ultimate Victorian sailor, sworn to protect her majesty's kingdom from attack.

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Entry to HMS Warrior requires a valid attraction ticket. Valid tickets include any Full Navy Ticket to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and an Any 1, Any 2 or Any 3 attraction ticket.

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Cutlass Drills