When: From 20 April 2018 until 21 April 2018, 13:50 - 15:50
Location: Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

The National Museum of the Royal Navy is to host a symposium, held in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on the weekend of the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Navy and Royal Marine raid on the port of Zeebrugge.

It will explore a variety of events surrounding the raid that happened the morning of 23rd April (St Georges Day) 1918 itself, with a particular focus on the planning of the raid, its consequences and the challenges of the unforeseen situations that arise in covert raids. 

Conference agenda

See what's in store for you at Zeebrugge: The Centenary Conference this April with our conference agenda.

Friday 20 April

11.00 - 13:00: Registration

13:00 - 15:00: Session 1 – Technology of the Zeebrugge Raid

Dr Anthony Firth – Sole Survivor: Motor Launches at Zeebrugge and Ostend and the significance of ML286

Stephen Fisher – Small Boats in a Big Raid

Alistair Roach – HMS Vindictive and her alterations for the Zeebrugge Raid

15:00 - 15:30: Time to walk from PRG to Action Stations Auditorium

15:30 - 17:30: Zeebrugge (1924) Film screening

Bryony Dixon – Introduction to the Film

Saturday 21 April

10:30 - 12:30: Session 2 – Keynotes

Dr Andrew Lambert – The long history of attack at source: The offensive dynamic in naval thinking

Dr Andrew Gordon – The Dover patrol, the U-Boat war and Roger Keyes

12:30 - 14:00: Extended break for lunch

14:00 - 16:00: Session 3 – The Zeebrugge Raid: From concept to consequences

Christopher Gale – Zeebrugge in the new Royal Marines Museum: Telling stories through objects

Dr Don Bittner – Preparing the Landing Force for a Raid, 1918: The raising, training and challenges of 4 RM Battalion from the perspective of its Adjutant, Lieutenant A. R. Chater, RMLI

Christopher Gale – The Victoria Crosses for the Zeebrugge Raid

16:00 - 16:10: Conclusions/Summary

16:10 - 16:30: Opportunity to view a selection of Zeebrugge artefacts from the collections of the NMRN

Interested in attending? 

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Zeebrugge: The Centenary Conference