When: On 19 May 2017, 18:45 - 20:45
Location: The Mary Rose
Categories: Family Events , Special Events

The Date - 19th May, 1545

The Place - The Mary Rose

The Crime – Sabotage!

There is a saboteur on board the Mary Rose, who has attempted to destroy the finest ship in Henry VIII’s fleet ahead of a French invasion of England. They failed this time, so we need to find the saboteur before they strike again…

Was it the Shifty Surgeon, the Crafty Carpenter, the Suspicious Stowaway or one of the other members of her crew? Join our team of Tudor Detectives and speak to the crew, hear their stories, solve their riddles… Henry VIII himself has taken an interest in the investigation, unwilling to lose his favourite warship and you will need to present your findings to the King, if you think you can figure out who the culprit was...

Who Sabotaged the Mary Rose – A Tudor Detective Story is being held at the Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, as part of the Nationwide “Museums at Night” scheme. Tickets cost £18 per person, [other prices available]. Not suitable for children under 8. May feature strong language.

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