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Ticket Terms & conditions

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Ticketing Terms and Conditions


You must accept these terms and conditions before you can proceed with your booking. 



refers to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which is collaboratively promoted and marketed by The National Museum of the Royal Navy Operations and The Mary Rose Trust. 


means Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Operations Ltd, a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 02790922.

“NMRN Operations”

means NMRN Operations, a charitable company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 9988314 and charity number 1169061, which operates on behalf of the following:

The National Museum of the Royal Navy, registered charity number 1126283

Warrior Preservation Trust Limited, registered charity number 256756

HMS Victory Preservation Company, registered charity number 1146376


means The National Museum of The Royal Navy.


means The Mary Rose Trust, a charitable company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 1415654 and charity number 277503.


refers to all attractions located within the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and those offsite, but which are included in the sale of all types of attraction tickets  offered by PHDOL.


means a product displayed for sale on this website.


means PHDOL.


means the website located at www.historicdockyard.co.uk or any subsequent URL which may replace it.


means a user of this website.


Tickets are sold subject to the following terms and conditions:

All Tickets Terms and Conditions:

  • Tickets bought onsite, or online cannot be resold, exchanged or refunded. To do so, will render it void. You may be asked for ID to match your ticket name. If you are unable to provide matching ID, we reserve the right to refuse entry.
  • By placing an order, you will enter into a purchase contract and you will be charged. Any discounts will not be applied until the order is accepted, but will be detailed in your confirmation email. We reserve the right to reject a purchase at any time in our sole discretion. However, non-acceptance of an order is most likely to be a result of the product ordered being unavailable from stock, the inability to obtain authorisation of your payment or the identification of an error within the product information, including price or promotion. If there are any problems with your order, we shall contact you.
  • To alter or deface a ticket (including lamination or photocopying), to offer a ticket for re-sale via a third party or to improperly use a ticket, will invalidate the ticket and result in confiscation and a request for additional payment.
  • If you book online you will be issued with a digital ticket, this can be reprinted and used for each visit. You may be asked for ID to match your ticket name. If you are unable to provide matching ID, we reserve the right to refuse entry.
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rates and are correct at the time of entering information onto the system. We reserve the right to change prices at any time.
  • Children’s tickets are valid for individuals aged 3 to 15 years old. Admission for children under 3 years old is free. Under 16’s must be accompanied by adult and height restrictions at some of the attractions on site.
  • Tickets do not include entry to Laser Quest or Mini-Ports (additional charges apply).
  • General admission tickets cannot be used on educational visits.
  • Tickets to which Gift Aid is added are subject to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) regulations and are therefore not eligible for a refund. More information on Gift Aid can be found on our website. Gift Aid can be added to any Explorer tickets, but not the One Attraction Day ticket. Gift Aid revenue is split between the charities that operate on the PHD site.
  • The Royal Navy Submarine Museum and Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower (located in Gosport) are included in the PHD offer. They can be accessed independently, or via the PHD waterbus service when operational. The Royal Marines Museum is currently closed for redevelopment.
  • Separate terms and conditions are put in place for special events (e.g. Christmas Festival).

Three Attraction Explorer, Ultimate Explorer and Family Explorer Ticket, Terms and Conditions:

  • Three Attraction Explorer, Ultimate Explorer and Family tickets give 12 months' unlimited entry to PHD from the first date of redemption, which shall be when your ticket is first scanned in, excluding special events (e.g. Christmas Festival, please see website for details). 
  • A Family Explorer 1 ticket can include one adult and up to three children and a Family Explorer 2 ticket can include two adults and up to three children. You will be asked to confirm the number of children in your family at the time of purchase.
  • At the time of booking, a ‘lead name’ individual will be requested for Family Explorer tickets. This lead name individual must be present each time the ticket is used, and you may be asked for ID to match the lead name on your ticket when you visit. If you are unable to provide matching ID, we reserve the right to refuse entry.
  • A Three Attraction Explorer Ticket can be redeemed against three attractions, which do not need to be decided in advance. Once you have scanned into those three attractions, you will have unlimited entry to those attractions for 12 months. You cannot switch to alternative attractions without consent from PHDOL. This consent will only be given where an attraction is no longer accessible.

One Attraction Day Ticket, Terms and Conditions:

  • One Attraction Day Tickets are only valid for one day. They are activated on the day of redemption when the ticket is scanned into the attraction.

COVID-19 Related Terms and Conditions:

  • Tickets can be purchase online or at the Visitor Centre. However, we do recommend pre-booking your visit online.
  • Face masks must be worn in all inside spaces, unless medically exempt.
  • Tickets for MRT or PHD which are valid, but were unredeemable during the COVID-19 closure period, can be extended to reflect the length of time the sites were closed. (MRT 161 days, PHD 160 Days). To activate this extension, you must visit the PHD website and validate your ticket, which will alter the expiry date of the ticket and provide the full 12 months of access.
  • Tickets for MRT or PHD which expired during the COVID 19 closure period can be extended for the length of time between the site closure and the ticket expiration date.
  • Visitors to PHD are asked to adhere to all Health and Safety measure that have been put in place. Failure to do so means that you may be asked to leave the site.
  • PHD reserves the right to limit access to or close attractions, in line with COVID-19 safety measures, without notice. Details of restrictions will be listed on the website.

Introduction of New Ticketing (2020) Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid Tickets for MRT or PHD can continue to be redeemed until their agreed expiry date in line with the original terms and conditions of sale.
  • Only ticket holders in receipt of a valid MRT of PHD ticket (including the agreed COVID19 extension periods) are eligible for the Reopening Upgrade discount.

Third Party and Promotions Tickets:

  • Tickets purchased via a third party must be redeemed in accordance with the terms and conditions laid out in the purchase, before the date shown.
  • Promotional offers and vouchers cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offers.
  • Tickets purchased via a third party and promotions tickets, cannot be exchanged, are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the named ticket winner/ holder.
  • Promotional offers or vouchers that have been lost or stolen, cannot be replaced under any circumstances. Promotional offers and vouchers cannot be used against special event tickets or Loyalty Club tickets.
  • The 'Live Local Explore Local offer is not available to purchase during the Christmas holidays (Saturday 18th December 2021 – Monday 3rd January 2022) and February half term (Saturday 19th – Sunday 27th February 2022). However, you can purchase tickets outside of this period and use your Ultimate Explorer tickets to visit during the Christmas holidays and February half term.
  • The ‘Live Local Explore Local’ offer is only available to visitors living in PO or SO postcodes. Proof of address must be shown at the Visitor Centre upon purchasing, examples of valid proof of address include:
      • Driving licence
      • Utility bill
      • NHS letter
      • School or university letter
      • Council tax bill

Additional Information:

  • The management reserves the right to refuse entry, if for any reason they deem there is a risk to PHD, the attractions, the public or the staff on site.
  • Attractions are subject to availability. We reserve the right to change opening times, prices, validity of ticket duration and availability of all attractions without notice. Please see the PHD website for individual attraction opening times, related information about accessibility and the opening and closing times of the different attractions.
  • Lost tickets cannot be replaced under any circumstances.
  • The waterbus is subject to operational restrictions which are out of the control of PHDOL and therefore we cannot guarantee it will be in operation during your visit. Where we are aware that it will not be operational, details will be made available on our website.
  • All proceeds from ticket and merchandise sales are used to support the charitable purposes of the members of PHDOL, which include promoting and assisting in the display, understanding and enjoyment by the public of PHD and the ships, museums, exhibits or attractions contained within.
  • No professional photography/videography equipment is permitted onsite without prior arrangement with PHDOL. See our filming page for details.
  • Visitors with additional access needs as a result of a disability should refer to our website to find out more about the services in place to support their visit. ‘Access restriction’ discounts can be claimed in advance of your visit and visitors should apply this to the appropriate ticket when making a purchase. Where such a visitor requires a carer to accompany them, a complimentary day ticket can be allocated to the carer on request.
  • Assistance animals and guide dogs are the only animals permitted on site.

Data Protection:

  • The processing of personal data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. If you signed up to receive emails from us, you can amend your preferences or opt out at any time. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.


  • If in the event of any complaints, please direct enquiries to Customer Complaints, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Visitor Centre, Victory Gate, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, PO1 3LJ or call 023 9283 9766. For more information on our complaints procedure, please download our complaints procedure PDF.




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