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Many of the attractions on Portsmouth Historic Dockyard rely on fundraised income to enable them to be preserved and kept open to the public. Learn more if you wish to support below.

National Museum of the Royal Navy

NMRN Donate

Please donate to enable us to continue telling the stories of the men and women who bravely serve, and the veterans who served in the Royal Navy.

Your donation will directly help us teach and inspire future generations.





The Mary Rose

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The Mary Rose - Henry VIII's warship, lost in 1545, recovered in 1982 and now on display in it's own dedicated museum. By making a donation, you will be playing a vital role in supporting the continuing conservation of the Mary Rose and her artefacts.

Help care for the world's best insight into Tudor life some 500 years ago.




Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust


Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust is responsible for the conservation, maintenance and sustainability of the land and buildings in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The Trust is also responsible for the ongoing conservation of the largest collection of small Naval craft in the world.  If you are passionate about naval history and craft, architecture, landscape design and the built environment please support us.




IBTC Portsmouth

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IBTC Portsmouth is a charity with a passion for traditional boatbuilding.
If no one were to teach these skills then who would be qualified to look after the many Heritage craft of which we are all so proud?
By supporting our students, donors will be part of this important work, maintaining, restoring, rebuilding and new building of traditional and modern wooden craft. 
Perpetuating these skills is vital if we are to hand these wonderful boats on to the next generation.