Visiting HMS Victory

Visiting HMS Victory is currently on a guided tour basis. You must obtain a tour time from the Visitor Centre upon your arrival on-site and ensure you are outside HMS Victory 10 minutes before your tour is due to begin.


HMS Victory will be operating on a free-flow basis on 23rd March 2014.


If you have any questions please telephone our Visitor Centre on 02392 728 060.


Visitor Information

HMS Victory is currently undergoing a period of restoration and visitors have the unique opportunity to witness the process taking place on the oldest commissioned warship in the world and a proud memorial to Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, Britain's greatest Naval hero and his stunning victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Her topmasts and rigging have been struck, or taken down, and her planking is under investigation. This is nothing unusual as wooden ships like Victory needed constant care and attention from the day they were launched. These repairs are simply the latest in a long tradition of regular upkeep.

The last time HMS Victory was seen without her top masts was back in 1944, so this really is a once in a life time opportunity to see HMS Victory under-going such extreme maintenance. Interestingly, with her topmasts down, Victory will look much as she did after the Battle of Trafalgar when she had to be towed to Gibraltar for repairs.”

Work to complete the project to make Victory’s upper deck weathertight is now drawing to a close. For the next two weeks the work is likely to be especially noisy. Tours will continue to take place, but in places your guide will be talking over the noise of work.

We will update this section regularly, so you are aware if there are any areas affected by work.