Silent and Secret


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Silent and Secret

15 June 2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of the first operational patrol of HMS Resolution, the Royal Navy’s first Polaris SSBN (Submersible Ship Ballistic Nuclear). The Resolution Class was the first class of submarine to carry them. Today four Vanguard class submarines carry the nation’s nuclear deterrent, Trident.

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Silent and Secret is an exhibition at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum that will put the personal experience of those serving onboard at the heart of the story. It will consider life at sea and what it is like to be submerged for a three month patrol; the inevitable isolation from everyday life and the power of teamwork when in a state of constant readiness. Their story will be told through personal accounts and key objects.

There will also be a conference at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum and Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower, which will explore the history of the British nuclear deterrent.

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The exhibition will be a timely opportunity to reveal the challenging nature of working in submarines, highlighting the experiences of those who serve and raising awareness about why there is a nuclear deterrent and the role of the modern Royal Navy Submarine Service. It will also celebrate the mostly unknown achievements of nuclear submarines and encourage a wider debate.