Record-breaking year for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Best-ever visitor numbers for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard 

The National Museum of the Royal Navy is celebrating its best-ever performance across the country and at its managed destination brand, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Since its formation in 2009 the National Museum, which is based in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, has merged the four service museums representing the submarine service, the Fleet Air Arm Museum, the Royal Marines and the surface fleet and brought HMS Victory into the charity sector. It now has a national reach of over 1.2 million visitors, up 20% this year. 

The management of the destination brand Portsmouth Historic Dockyard transferred to the National Museum in 2014 and under its stewardship visitor numbers to the site are at an all-time high at over 850,000.

At the destination Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, The National Museum owns and manages HMS Victory; HMS Warrior 1860; The National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth; Gosport’s Royal Navy Submarine Museum and Explosion Museum of the Naval Firepower plus HMS M.33. A brand new Royal Marines Museum will open in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in 2020 and an innovative Centre for Discovery housing two million collection items. 

The museum works in partnership with The Mary Rose Trust which runs the independent Mary Rose Museum and Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust which manages Boathouse 4 and Action Stations.

In Portsmouth alone £4 million will be invested in historic ship conservation during 2018. Conservation expertise and professional stewardship of historic ships was one of the compelling reasons the Warrior Preservation Trust transferred ownership of HMS Warrior 1860 to the National Museum during 2016. Other ships currently being cared for in Portsmouth include Cold War submarine HMS Alliance in Gosport and First World War survivor HMS M.33.

Top facts

  1. Record visitor numbers of 850,000 at managed destination Portsmouth Historic Dockyard with economic impact figure of £110.40 million per year.
  2. Historic fleet led by HMS Victory now world’s 50th most powerful navy by displacement
  3. £4 million investment in historic ship conservation in Portsmouth
  4. Investment in First World War navy interpretation stands at £23,150,000
Special stargazing event at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Join astrophysicists and cosmologists from the University of Portsmouth's Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, navigation experts from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, amateur astronomers from Hampshire Astronomical Group, and more at this free event, exploring navigation through space and time.

View the spectacle of HMS Queen Elizabeth from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

The best vantage point of the newly-commissioned aircraft carrier 

Best views of Britain’s largest aircraft carrier ever built from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Relive the excitement of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth visiting Portsmouth on Thursday 7 December, when she officially commissioned the HMS Queen Elizabeth. Visitors to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard can take advantage of the very best views of Britain’s largest aircraft carrier ever built.

Vice Admiral Lord Nelson’s lost diamond jewel on show at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

- Trademark diamond ornament rediscovered and remade for the first time –

To celebrate Trafalgar Day on 21 October 2017, The National Museum of the Royal Navy has revealed the first authentically recreated replica in diamonds of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson’s fabled lost jewelled chelengk.