Learning at the National Museum of the Royal Navy

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Experience all of the museums and ships in the national museum family with one unique annual pass. 

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This includes world famous ships and museums: Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory; the oldest warship still afloat in the UK HMS Trincomalee; First World War veterans HMS Caroline and Gallipoli Campaign survivor HMS M.33; HMS Warrior 1860, Britain’s first iron-hulled, armoured battleship; Second World War-era submarine HMS Alliance at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum; the Fleet Air Arm Museum; The National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth; blockbuster exhibition 36 Hours: Jutland 1916, The Battle That Won The War and Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower.

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Nelson's Shipmates

Nelson's Shipmates KS1

History and Science at the NMRN

Who was Nelson? What was it like to sail with Nelson’s Navy? In this activity -based session pupils explore the life of this famous man and will be ‘trained’ for a life at sea.

From object handling a life mask of Nelson, role -playing jobs on board, to investigating if diet then was healthier than today, pupils discover first-hand what life was like for sailors in the past.

Price: £50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 35 people (fully accessible)

History in evidence: Archive access session

History in evidence: Archive access session KS4

History at NMRN

A unique opportunity to access archives not normally on public display. These sessions are tailored to suit students' requirements and can include topics such as Maritime exploration and the development of England; The Royal Navy and the Transatlantic Slave Trade; The Gallipoli Campaign; The First and Second World Wars; D-Day; the Falklands Conflict and modern conflict post 9/11. 

Price: £80 per half day for up to 35 people

Slavery Through Objects

Slavery Through Objects KS3

History at the NMRN

This session allows students to explore and debate the wider issues and human stories behind slavery. Using artefacts and sources, students work together to explore both the rise and fall of the Slave Trade and the Royal Navy’s role in it.

£50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 35 pupils

Elizabethan Exploration and Discovery

Elizabethan Exploration and Discovery KS2

History/Geography and English at the NMRN

This hands-on investigative session uses ‘Discovery Boxes’ as children follow in the footsteps of the explorers like Drake and Hawkins. The session is excellent for developing children’s natural inquisitiveness and enquiry skills.

£50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 35 pupils.

Discovery Visits

Discovery Visits ALL

A Discovery Visit is a teacher-led, self-guided visit to one attraction within Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

£4.00 for 1 attraction, £6.50 for two attractions and £8.50 for three attractions per student.

Percy Parrot’s Pirate Adventure

Percy Parrot’s Pirate Adventure  Foundation Stage

English at the NMRN

Join Percy as he learns how to be a Pirate’s Parrot. Through singing, object handling, sensory exploration and storytelling your class will discover more about life at sea alongside Percy.

£50 per 1 hour workshop for up to 25 pupils.