HMS Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth Carrier in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

HMS Queen Elizabeth has arrived!


Get the best view of Britain’s largest aircraft carrier at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Find the perfect view of HMS Queen Elizabeth from three different vantage points when you visit us.

The new Queen Elizabeth class carrier is 35 times the size of Nelson’s famous flagship HMS Victory and four times her length. Visitors will get the very best view of Britain’s largest aircraft carrier ever built this summer now she has arrived in her home port.

A new exhibition
To coincide with the carrier’s arrival into Portsmouth, there is a new Aircraft Carrier exhibition in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard’s Storehouse Number 9.

The exhibition charts the unique history of aircraft carrier development, from the beginnings of naval aviation where reconnaissance sea planes were craned on and off converted cruisers, through to the first specialist seaplane carrier HMS Hermes in 1924, to HMS Illustrious the last of the ‘innovative jump jet carriers’ decommissioned in 2014.

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HMS Queen Elizabeth FAQs

  • You can view the ship from three different vantage points. You can view the aircraft carrier from HMS Victory’s poop deck, the viewing platform of The National Museum of the Royal Navy and from the water on a harbour tour.

  • Portsmouth Historic Dockyard offers a variety of great value tickets including an All Attraction ticket. Entry is free but you will require a valid ticket to view the carrier from the poop deck of HMS Victory, the viewing platform of the National Museum of the Royal Navy and for the Harbour Tour.  

  • To make the most of your visit whilst HMS Queen Elizabeth is docked, we recommend buying an All Attraction ticket. You can save 20% when you book online. You’ll have access to 11 amazing attractions as well as our harbour tour.



    Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any further information on this at the moment. As the aircraft carrier is an active vessel and not a permanent attraction, there is no guarantee the ship will be berthed here for extended periods. However, HMS Queen Elizabeth will be berthed here for the remainder of summer – so don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.



    Visitors are able to view the aircraft carrier from three distinct viewing platforms across the Historic Dockyard. HMS Queen Elizabeth is an active vessel, operated by the Royal Navy. Because of this, visitors are unable to visit the aircraft carrier but are able to view it clearly from different viewing platforms only.