When: On 02 June 2017, 19:30 - 20:30
Location: HMS M.33
Categories: Family Events , Special Events

The M33 Mystery

Step aboard the historic HMS M.33, and meet the characters from the ships past!

As you get to know your hosts a mystery unfolds and as the Captain's detectives - time is of the essence! Can you assist the Captain before the military police turn up to apprehend the culprit? Or will you be baffeld by the suspects lies and accusations?

You must act quickly. Only the right question will get the answers you need; and the suspects will have a big clue to give only once. Will you be the first to find it?

And finally, as you make your way back to the Engine Room of the ship, you have only a few minutes to finalise your conclusions over much needed refreshments. And as your team debates the twists and turns you will get to accuse your suspect - but did you deduce correctly?

Finally the Captain will reveal all…




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